2020 Graduate Mentoring

Rosie Dale - Ad Astra

Form Collective have collaborated with Redeye Photography Network to support two 2020 Graduates. Graduating from a photography BA or similar course, with the aim of starting a career, is going to be a particular challenge in 2020. Wethink mentoring - regular advice sessions with experienced specialists in photography - is one of the best ways we can support graduates going forward. We will be offering online mentoring. Over the next year we will be mentoring Rosie Dale and Joe Kelland

About: Rosie Dale is an emerging artist based in south west England. Her work is created through an intuitive process, often focusing on themes related to philosophy, ethics and her own personal relationships.

Joe Kelland’s practice is immersed in the present day, fueled by emotions, experiences, thoughts and situation. His latest project has developed due to feeling as thought I belonged to more than one place and would never be able to fully experience the both at once.

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