The Museum of Half Truths

Rachael Burns and Polly Palmerini are co-curating a new and incredibly necessary project entitled The Museum of Half Truths.

An ongoing body of work is unfolding with links to research and archives to delve into their website. Describing the main themes of the project: Museums and libraries are the repositories of history but they remain flawed and biased in their representation. How can we disrupt the pre existing structures which surround us? How can we represent fairly our many co-existing and conflicting memories and histories? The Museum of Half Truths will aim to answer these questions by exploiting the conventions of these institutions to present a playful take on a museum that is transparent about its subjectivity. The artists featured question our recording of cultural memory; investigating rituals and traditions; the whitewashing of popular culture; and by memorialising and advocating for underrepresented communities.
Check it out here: MUSEUM OF HALF TRUTHS

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