Conversations / Cath x Liz

Cath & Liz

C: Liz, what are you working on currently?

L: Well I would say in general my area of interest lays in the changing nature of consumption and the networks that allow us to absorb products and knowledge. Along this line of enquiry, I’m currently focusing on a project relating to changing purchasing patterns in the UK. In particular, the evolution of e-commerce and the architectural outcomes of this fairly intangible network.

C: Is your current project putting across your own viewpoint on consumerism or is it more about engaging thought within the observer?

L: This is an interesting point. A worry I’ve had with this project is that I would come across as a bit of a technology-phobic Luddite. But i’m more interested in documenting an area that is quickly changing than making value judgements about technology and consumerism.

C: What excites you most about being part of Form Collective?

L: I think it’s important to expose yourself to different opinions and perspectives in order to grow your practice and as a person. So, the aspect of being in a collective I most appreciate is being challenged on my thoughts and processes. It’s all about feedback and positive criticism. I think working as a creative is quite a solitary thing so it makes sense to me that people are drawn to collectives as a way of developing ideas and testing new projects.

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