Conversations / Liz x Cath

Liz & Cath

L: Hi Cath, how would you describe yourself and your photographic practice?

C: I have a real love of landscape and this is the focus of most of my work.  In my role as photography teacher there is very little time to stop and reflect. Working outdoors and being in remote landscapes or with my family provides escapism, the quiet and sometimes stillness are a complete contrast to my sometimes crazy and busy working environment. One of the areas I am most interested in is the idea of the traces we leave in landscape and how this may be etched in our memories in very different ways. I might visit a location with my son, but his recollection and memories may pick up on very different things, which come about in conversation when reminiscing or revisiting the area. An way I have explored this is by using light and shutter speed to document our movement on our regular walks - my sons boundless energy recorded through his zig zag journeys along paths or even off paths as he wildly explores.  I love how light, both natural and artificial, makes and changes landscapes, sometimes dramatic or subtle.

L: Did you have any preconceptions about working in a collective - How would you describe FORM? 

C: I didn’t enter the collective with a lot of preconceptions, other than it being a supportive environment to help my own creative journey. To me, Form is a team of people united with shared ideologies and embracing creative change individually. It has slowed down my working practice and made me look at the whole project and its purpose. I wanted to ensure that my work took on a different direction and that the purpose for being in a collective was that I would take on new challenges and maybe gain more confidence and establish myself as a photographer.

L: Your current work strikes me as very personal - Has there been a difference in approach when compared with previous projects?

C: My current project is based on a personal story of secondary infertility and so I started to explore the idea of narrative. I initially generated the body of text first in order to almost create illustrations through my own photographic practice. My work unveils events and my feelings of which I have not discussed with either family or friends, so in some ways could be seen as a cathartic experience.  In work prior to this project I have responded quickly within the location, it is more spontaneous, possibly not complete a series, but sums up my love of experimental photography.

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