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Kev & Liz

L: What makes you want to create photographs?

K: I think the word ‘make’ in the question sums it up really.  It’s something that I have to do. I have tried to quit photography countless times.  I’m frustrated a lot of the time when trying to produce work or trying to sustain in the creative industry but I’m miserable when not creating.  It sounds very soft but when you are not able to create work or images it hurts.

L: What is your earliest memory of photography or a photograph?

K: My earliest memory is probably seeing my dad experiment with cameras and photography.  There seemed to be a surge in amateur photography in the 1980’s (when I was born). He didn’t have a lot of gear but I was intrigued with why you need to change a lens, different filters and how you wind a 35mm roll onto a spool.  My earliest memory of a photograph is from my grandma’s house. She had this plastic cube which contained a photograph on each surface. She would use it as a way of introducing me to lost family members, the 1 image that still makes an impression to this day is a photograph of my oldest uncle who was murdered before I was born.  I think my grandma would always make a point of showing me the photo every time I visited so he would not be forgotten. It was never a subject that has ever been talked about in our house as it is still too painful for my dad to discuss. Photographs of individuals were not as saturated as today with social media, they were like precious artefacts.

L: The high point of your work to date?

K: I have 2 photography books published to date.  The 1st ‘Closing Time’ was published by The bluecoat press.  The 2nd is a project I have just completed ‘Shouldn’t Throw Stones’ which is self published.  Each of the work(s) also included an exhibition which have toured to various galleries and museums.  ‘Shouldn’t Throw Stones’ is probably the high point for me (at the time of writing) as it was a huge project that I had to manage, fund raise, work with a variety of mediums and collaborate with several creatives from other artistic backgrounds.  Unrelated to photography I had the opportunity to work with Merce Cunningham at The John Cage Music Circus in Australia in collaboration with my sister who is a choreographer and performer. I think the high point for me would be to try and sustain a career as a photographer which is a work in progress.

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